Feng Shui Home – How to Bring in Good Chi?

Feng Shui Home
Feng Shui Home

Chi refers to all the positive energy that makes one happy, healthy and successful, so how do you bring in good feng shui home? If you are moving into a new house or are planning for a refurbishment, this will be the right time to work on Feng Shui principles. The Chi energy depends upon a lot many things – starting from your choice of furniture, their placements, position of windows and doors and the décor on the walls. Feng Shui experts suggest that a perfect household must act like a sanctuary wherein residents can feel energized, fulfilled and nurtured.

The Chi energy has been an ancient Chinese belief but is quite popular globally. If you are looking to attract chi, here are some tips based on Feng Shui home concepts.


Space has always been important in interior designing. It really doesn’t matter whether you have a large or a small room. Positive energy can flow even inside a tiny premise. The basic of chi here would be to keep the available space clutter free and well organized. Only keep what is really essential to your living. Freeing up living spaces will always bring in a sense of fulfillment. On the other hand, unused items reflect stagnant energy, which in time turns into negative energy. This can weight you down substantially.


Proper lighting is another important basis of Chi energy in a Feng Shui Home. Ensure that the interiors are exposed to the maximum amount of natural light. A Feng Shui state that darkness and dimly lit premises slows dons the flow of vibrations and brings in a sense of depression. If you don’t have the option to use natural light, go for the full spectrum LED lighting instead.

Quality of air

Air is a measurable energy that you breathe. It is important that the air filters in air conditioning are changed regularly. Feng Shui home principles advise investing on good quality air filters. Alternatively, one may also install green houseplants that will act as natural air purifiers and circulate fresh air in the household. These plants will further ass beauty to the décor of the rooms. Ancient Chinese religion also advises the use of incense and aromatherapy to have fresh air inside households.


The choice of color on the walls and that of the curtains, furniture and bedding also play a governing role in the energy flow inside households. Black items need to be equally balanced by bright and colorful items. As per Chi principles, the White color is the most powerful energy bearer (being composed of all colors). However, too much of white can be overwhelming too and need to be balanced by more subtle colors like green (indoor plants) and earthly tones (furniture items).

There are a lot many factors acting in your homes, making it a comfortable living space. Feng Shui homes have consequently risen in popularity and seem to work too.

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